Management of the floor departments
We can either harmoniously integrate with your operational team or, if you prefer, take over the full management
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Our team is thoroughly trained and specialised in the management and handling of the housekeeping department, in the control of entrances and exits, as well as ensuring a flowing, excellent communication with the rest of departments.
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We understand the needs of your hotel and we adjust to offer you the best service

Floor managers
Room maids
Office Coordinator
Cleaning and care of public areas

We want to give you integral solutions, and therefore create the best cleaning plans for all areas of the hotel

Cleaning of private and common areas
Thorough cleaning: kitchens, rooms and warehouses, among others
Parking Cleaning
Carpet Care, Placement and Extraction
Restoration and Cleaning of Delicate Surfaces
Cleaning of windows and facades
Minibar Service

Do not worry about a thing – we are here to help you with all the details we know are important for your hotel

Minibar replacement
Stock control
Control of orders
Expiry dates control
Maintenance and cleaning of refrigerators
We take care of every detail

Housekeeping is probably the most important service that your hotel must maintain up-to-par in order for your guests’ experience to be perfect.

While housekeeping covers a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities, at Suite Hotels we define housekeeping as the responsibility of providing the best service to guests and ensuring that they feel at home, from check-in to check-out.

One of the pillars of housekeeping is undoubtedly cleanliness. People take care of their intimacy and what is more intimate than their room or their bathroom? It is crucial to guarantee an excellent experience for our guests as well as making sure the rooms are always impeccable. Every detail counts, that is why professionalism and being detail-oriented are two of the pillars of our work.

At Suite Hotels we can harmoniously integrate with your operational team, or if you prefer we can take over your responsibilities completely.

We have staff available to quickly and efficiently manage all aspects of housekeeping: housekeepers, floor managers, supervisors, room maids, valets, cleaners, office and administrative coordinators, among others. All of them trained by ourselves in our facilities.

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