About us
Facility management partners
We team up with you and create memorable experiences for your guests by providing the best cleaning services in the hospitality industry.
We are a fundamental asset for the success of your hotel

Not only do we possess 35 years of experience, it is also about closeness: we are a true family. We strive day by day to refine our staff, constantly carrying out professional training and providing excellent working conditions. We know a loyal, committed team translates in the success of our clients.

Why choose us?


There are no good results without collaboration. We are a great family, based in the establishment of harmonious, constructive relationships to bring about the best possible service.


We take care of every single detail in the relationships we establish, but our biggest compromise is loyalty to our families: our workers and clients.


We evolve with the latest technologies to keep you informed about the provision of our services and show you their results.

Who are we?

We are a professional, tight-knit company. Our main goal is to improve the hotels’ guests’ experience through our cleaning service, working all the way from the big gestures to the smallest details.

We firmly believe in our human capital. We take good care of every single member of the Suite Hotels Family, from our clients to our employees, taking into consideration all the people and companies who make it possible for a guest to leave the hotel amused and smiling.

For us, hotel management can be summarized as an interaction among people – that’s why we constantly invest in the training of our personnel, promoting professionalism, proper treatment and harmony in each and every interaction.

We understand that being part of the hospitality workforce is being part of the hotels’ own image, therefore, it is essential to embrace the values and sensations each hotel wants to convey. This is a challenge that we find delightful and always accept with enthusiasm.

Who plays a part in our team?
The best professionals
Our staff receives constant training, as we strongly believe that the professional development of each of our workers is the key to offering the best quality in our service.
Alfonso Fernández
Dolors Garriga
Human resources
Pere Xambo
Operations manager
Lisette Cordoba
Konsuela Kowalska
Floor manager
Pablo López
Accounting and finance
Marcelo Ayala
We are one big family

It is important for us to have your utmost trust. Therefore, we adapt ourselves to the structure of your facilities, contributing our operational knowledge as well as motivated, highly qualified human resources. Furthermore, we coordinate and collaborate with other already-established departments. We know all of these promises must be fulfilled, and therefore we believe firmly in the transparency of our management. We bring about all the necessary tools for your evaluation and follow-up of our work. We take full responsibility for the accomplishment of our goals. Our mission is to earn your trust by suggesting and implementing solutions which contribute to the best performance of your hotel, which will directly translate into customer satisfaction. We stand sure – a satisfied customer is synonymous with success.

Our services

We are highly adaptable to different environments. In our pursuit of perfection we take care of every detail, for details are at the basis of the guests’ best experiences.

What do we believe in?
An unique experience is the key to success

There are no good results without teamwork

We seek long-lasting work relationships

We take care of ourselves and our clients

Small details are at the basis of excellent experiences

Loyalty is our greatest commitment

We believe in the pursuit of perfection
We always give our 120%
All of them already are a part of our family
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